Fine arts preparing for ‘An Evening of Band and Choir’

By Mollie Swift/Special to The Delta

The Fine Arts Department at Missouri Valley College will have its last concert of the semester 7:30 p.m. on Monday, November 25 in the Eckilson-Mabee Theatre. “An Evening of Band and Choir” will include songs of concert works, spirituals and traditional carols.  

“Several instrumentalists will accompany the choir adding a special touch to the evening” said Director of Concert Choir, Cheryl Lines. 

Dr. Alex Fragakatos and Professor Kristine Poulsen will add percussion, flute and piccolo as well as members of the Marshall Philharmonic Orchestra will join in on a couple selections as well. 

“The choral side of the program will be filled with music to celebrate the holiday season,” said Lines. “Students, colleagues, and audience members alike especially enjoy music that is uplifting and memorable enough that you not only leave the concert singing, but also wanting more! This concert will definitely fulfill those desires.”

Fragakatos said there is no particular theme other than a celebration of music.

“The Concert Band will be performing a traditional march, a classical transcription, and a couple of dramatic pieces written specifically for band,” he said. “In Jazz Band we do a lot of different things because jazz is an umbrella term for lots of sub-styles of music. We will be performing everything from standard blues, swing, and shuffle, to funk, Latin, and Caribbean-inspired music.”

Both Lines and Fragakatos look forward to sharing their student’s talents with the public and ensure that it will be an enjoyable evening for all.

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