Mac Hall theft investigated

By Larissa de Paula Francisco / Special to The Delta

A student at Missouri Valley College was recently the victim of theft, having a television stolen from her dorm room in MacDonald Hall.

According to witnesses, the incident occurred at approximately 10 p.m. on October 27, when three students gained access to the room of Dajah Robinson and stole a TV.

Robinson said she and her roommate were gone on Sunday when the crime happened. She said the door to her room was locked because MacDonald Hall housing requirement is to lock your room always when you leave. Upon returning her room in the morning, Robinson noticed that her TV was missing and her door was wide open.

“Basically he knew what he wanted from my room and where everything was set up just by the way he left my belongings,” Robinson said.

Witnesses who live in MacDonald Hall were able to provide information to identify the suspects to the Campus Safety.

“My door was open when I saw two males and a girl walking in the room. They were the only ones who entered the room that night when the TV disappeared,” one of the witnesses said, adding that she came forward out of a sense of justice.

“I see a lot of college students working hard over the summer to afford college life because it’s not easy, then someone just walks in your room and in a matter of 30 seconds steals things that you worked hard to buy,” she said. “It’s not fair.”

With the details from the witness, Public Safety was able to find the TV in the dorm room of one of the suspects’ girlfriend.

“He brought a TV to my room that night saying that his dad gave it to him,” the girlfriend said. “Of course I believed on him. I could never imagine that it was stolen from literally a floor above mine.”

According to the campus crime log, the incident is now closed and has been referred for internal disposition, meaning the case has been referred to the Office of Student Affairs for review through the Student Conduct process.

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