Hurricane relief sent to Bahamas

By Sakina Komuro / Special to The Delta

After, the Bahamas experienced Hurricane Dorian, a category 5 hurricane, on September 1, students and staff at Missouri Valley College began a relief effort.

There are at least 65 deaths and 282 people still left missing. This hurricane made many people homeless and it is considered to take many years for The Bahamas to rebuild. 

Lauryn Daxon, a senior student from the Bahamas came up with the idea of the collection effort and conducted it with students in Missouri Valley College’s honors program.

”I was heart broken as many Bahamians would have been affected by the hurricane and I felt what I could have done was start an initiative,” Daxon said.

Daxon, students in honor’s program and Dr. Claire Schmidt (who is in charge of the honor’s program) collected items such as canned food,daily necessities like facial wipes, toothpaste and so on. They also raised funds and sent them to the Bahamas.  

Before the cut-off date, Schmidt was worried about how the contributions were going, but she was happy with the way things worked out.

”I was worried at first, but I was very happy that students working on [the project] looked motivated and active,” Schmidt said.

According to Daxon, the efforts was entirely voluntary.

”Persons involved chose to give up their time to help,” Daxon said. “I asked a few friends and they all agreed.”

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