Students experience issues with WiFi on campus

By Adam Balkin / Special to The Delta

Missouri Valley College has had numerous problems with the internet connection over the years, but the IT department is working to fix the issue and get things back in order.

This year, the college did things a little differently. Vice President of Student Affairs Heath Morgan sent out an email June 25 stating, “ MVC Students, I wanted to inform you that because of your input and after much consideration, the college will no longer offer traditional cable services in our residence halls. Beginning this fall, the college will have increased bandwidth to accommodate streaming of media through the college’s WiFi network. This gives our diverse student body the ability to utilize their individual viewing platforms. What does this mean for you? You will need to have a device that has the ability to connect to the college’s WiFi network. In most cases, students stream on laptops, smartphones or they have a Roku Stick, Apple TV, etc. The decision is up to you. I hope you enjoy the remainder of the summer!”

While taking away the cable for better WiFi might seem good because most people today use the internet to stream content, for Missouri Valley students the WIFI has been a problem the whole semester.

“The WiFi here has been very slow and I haven’t been able to watch Netflix, or download any of my games,” MVC student Joshua Hill said. “It’s really annoying.”

The IT department has been moving as fast as they can, but for the students its taking forever. Information Technology worker Trevor Philips said solving student problems can take different amounts of time depending on the issue.

“It can be anything from a simple reboot fix to needing new equipment and having to call the companies that put in the equipment, et cetera,” he said.

Many students have complained and even emailed the IT department because of how bad the internet is. Some even went to the extent of going over friends houses using their Internet.

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