Theater, dance trip to Scotland taking shape

By William Vestal / Special to the Delta

The Missouri Valley Theater and Dance is taking seven students to Edinburgh, Scotland in August of next year. 

Professors Janie Morgan and Harold Hynick are teaching DN/TH 349 Dance & Theater Collaboration this semester and next, and they hope students will work together to create a performance that will be performed on the MVC campus April 2-4 2020. 

Janie Morgan says this semester, her students were learning about exploration.

“Harold and I have some central themes the class has been exploring and each week they have to create new performances,” Morgan said. “We are now reflecting back over all the work that’s been created this semester and looking for common themes and beginning to piece things together.”

Nothing is set in stone on a performance yet. Next semester will be focused on developing the performance they will take to Scotland. They plan to tour with the show so that the students get experience performing at different venues prior to the performance in Scotland. 

For more information about the trip, please contract Janie Morgan at

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