Kobe Bryant’s death ripples through Valley

By Chardonnae Parker/ Managing Editor 

Shock was felt around the world following the tragic loss of basketball legend, business icon, and all around idol for many, Kobe Bryant.  

News first broke on Sunday January 26 that a helicopter crash had occurred.  The news was first reported that there was a helicopter crash in Calabasas. The story was first broken by TMZ.  The legend has been gone for a week and world wide mourning for his lost and the other victims.  

The news first broke as a helicopter crash and there were no survivors. 

“Bryant, his daughter Gianna; John Altobelli, 56, his wife Keri Altobelli, 46, their daughter Alyssa Altobelli, 14; Christina Mauser, 38; Sarah Chester, 45, her daughter Payton Chester, 13; and pilot Ara Zobayan, 50, died when the helicopter they were traveling in slammed into a hillside on Sunday morning,” ABC News reported. “There is no indication on what caused the crash and what happened the moments leading up to the crash.”

The nation has been filled with hurt and pain in the tragedy.  We find the world honoring the losses in many different ways. We see people posting photos, remembering the lost ones, getting tattoos in remembrance, honoring Kobe with his shoes, paintings, murals, placing flowers jerseys, candles, and many other things.  Athletes all honor the legend Kobe in many different ways.

Athletes and coaches wear his shoes, line up across the 24- yard line for a moment of silence, get 24 and 8 second violations, placing jerseys in the two seats where Byrant and his 13 year old daughter, who also passed in the crash, sat. Schools that had interactions with his daughter Gigi and other two teammates who died in the crash honor them before and after games.  

As the loss is taken in the world felt low in its time.  Students at Missouri Valley College do their own parts to remember and honor the icon and other victims.  Basketball players on the Missouri Valley College wore Kobe’s shoes the first game after Bryant’s death.

Missouri Valley’s College Men’s Basketball player Alonzo Williams wears the number 24 and after hitting a similar shot to one Kobe Byrant was known for, looked to the crowd and said “That was for Kobe. I am Kobe.” as his own way of honoring and thanking the legend.  

When things occur like this people often realize how such a small world the world really is.  You begin to hear stories about encounters people have had with not just Bryant and his daughter but any of the victims.  One of Valley’s own had a specific personal connection with one of the deceased.  

“I took a picture of him when he visited the school that’s about it. I knew the baseball coach.” senior Alex Perez said. “I used to house sit for him and worked for him when I went to school there.”

When tragedy occurs like this it is a reminder to love your loved ones because you never know what can happen.

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