New director named for Honors Program

By Chardonnae Parker / Managing Editor

With reporting by Anna Babiak / Special to The Delta

The Missouri Valley College Honors Program is entering its eighth year on campus and is welcoming a new head director who hopes to bring a lot of new things to the program. The current members are excited and ready to welcome the new director with open arms.  

Professor Brian Nolan is transitioning into the position of director of the honors program. He was elected by the honors committee in November and expresses new ideas he can filter into the honors program. Nolan works in the Divisions of Social Sciences, where he is commonly known for teaching psychology at Missouri Valley.  

In an interview with KMVC’s Ana Babiak, Nolan said: “That’s one of the criticisms I’ve heard floating around is that not every major felt like it was equally accessible to them. And so, I said well, how can we do better? I don’t want to change anything that we’re doing that’s good, but at the same time can we be more accommodating, more flexible for a wide variety of majors so no one feels left out or excluded and everyone has an equal opportunity to participate if they would like to.”

The current honors director, Professor Claire Schmidt, is helping Nolan with this transition, as she knows how much comes with this title. Nolan is working closely with not only the previous director, but also vital members of the program.  

“We’ve been working together since last fall to create a plan for how I will step back as he is stepping forward and how I can support him, how the committee can support him, how the honors student advisory board can support him as he is growing into this position, identifying areas for growth, identifying areas for expansion, and creating an honors program that will be reflective of his vision,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt also noted that she will still be involved in the honors program after this transition is complete. Nolan is eager to start this new chapter at Missouri Valley in the honors program. Nolan’s full role as honors director begins with the fall semester this year.

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