Parking remains an issue

Mollie Swift/ MVC Delta Staff Writer

With the highest enrollment number to date at Missouri Valley College, 1,417 students exactly according to the college’s website, it is an understatement to say that the luxury of being able to easily find a parking spot on campus has faded.

Due to many different factors, including students manipulating free parking, taking up multiple spots and snow removal, it is becoming more difficult every day to successfully find a parking space on campus.

One factor contributing to this issue, is the many rodeo students who take advantage of the parking lots. Many days, you can pull into any of the parking lots on campus and take note of the multiple rodeo trucks, some even with their trailers attached, parking the wrong way and taking up three or more spaces. This makes finding a parking spot extremely difficult at times. An efficient solution would be to enforce parking regulations and requiring rodeo students that find a need to park in multiple spots, to park on the street or find another mode of transportation to get to class that does not require other students to forfeit valuable parking spaces on campus.

Another contributing factor to the parking crisis at Missouri Valley, is the lack of plowing the parking lots and plowing them efficiently. When a heavy snowfall hits Marshall, Valley is great at having the crosswalks and sidewalks cleared quickly. But often times, the parking lots are still iffy. Usually, the snow is plowed into piles that take up multiple spots. Due to this, it is often difficult to maneuver amongst the parking lots when trying to find a parking spot for class. This leads to students having to use extra time finding a spot or having to park farther away and leads to students being late to class. Spending some more time making sure the parking lots are effectively cleared and every parking spot is free of snow piles that this would help with the lack of parking on campus.

Senior, Anya Muyres, explained an incident that took place on campus last January:

“During one of the larger snow storms that we got in Marshall last winter, the maintenance crew that plowed the parking lot of my dorm, Valley Village, completely covered my car in snow. I was unable to use my car to drive to my classes and was forced to walk or ask my friends for rides whenever I needed to be somewhere that I could not walk to. I called and made a maintenance claim to see if they would hopefully uncover my car for me. It took them an entire week before they ever came to remove the massive snow pile that covered my car. This showed me that the maintenance crew is careless and irresponsible when plowing the parking lots of snow and I think something needs to be done so this does not happen to any students in the future.”

Sophomore, Wyatt Repp, explained his parking nightmare on campus:

“Whenever we got that heavy snowfall a few weeks ago, I was on campus trying to park in the Ferguson parking lot and could not find a single spot open that I could park in that did not have a huge pile of snow that didn’t make my car stick out too far. I’m sure I counted at least five or six spots that could have been parked in if the snow was plowed the correct way. Instead, I had to drive and park in a different parking lot and walk across campus to my class. This resulted in me being 15 minutes late to class. Luckily, my teacher was understanding, but I can’t imagine what it would have been like if I was late to a class where the teacher was more strict.”

To help ease this crisis, it is crucial to add more parking on the campus of Missouri Valley College. With enrollment numbers on the rise, it seems only fitting to also accommodate parking for students and staff. The general code of conduct for the parking lot should also be more heavily enforced.

Due to the many emails received on a weekly basis from MVC Public Safety regarding parking passes, it is safe to say that many students are still parking without a pass. I think the parking lots could be a lot more regulated and ticketed for students who are affecting the parking issue. It seems that when graduation and winter/spring break rolls around, Public Safety is very efficient in directing students on how and where to park. It would be nice to see this enforcement all year round on Missouri Valley College’s campus. 

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