Missouri Valley College extends spring break

By Chardonnae Parker / Managing Editor

Missouri Valley College’s students and faculty, like many Americans, have been on high alert with constant updates about the Covid-19 virus. On March 12, an email notified them of significant changes to MVC’s operations.

“Missouri Valley College’s administration is extending Spring Break for the week of March 16 – 20 and preparing for distance learning in an effort to protect students, faculty and staff from the spread of the novel coronavirus,” the message read. “The College will remain open and all business operations will continue. No face-to-face classes will be held March 16 – 20. Online classes will continue as usual.”

Some students who have been on the Missouri Valley campus appreciate the precautions the school is taking following many students returning from Spring Break travels. 

“The situation that we are in should be taken very seriously. We know so little about the disease at this point safety and precautions are the best bet for a lot of people.  What we are facing right now is not anything we could have predicted,” Moses Menchan III said. “By Valley extending the break it shows that college and everyone involved wants the best for everyone and I for one am grateful that they intend to put our health first.”

This email follows several emails with updates to the Valley’s students, faculty and staff previously in the weeks leading up to the decision to close face-to-face classes for the time being.  This also follows the cancellation of several sporting events not only that involve Missouri Valley College students but also worldwide cancellations and postponements of events. This includes events such as 

  • NBA season has been temporarily postponed.
  • NCAA Tournament including the Big 12 Tournament in Kansas City, Missouri has been cancelled. 
  • The NAIA Wrestling Championship Cancellation.
  • And many regular season games, tourments, and matches and all levels of Spring sporting events.  

Missouri Valley College’s Tennis, Baseball, and Softball teams are currently dealing with game cancellation and postponement.  The NAIA and Missouri Valley reassured the public that in light of the recent events surrounding the virus the cancellations and postponements of events and games are strictly a safety precaution.  While no one at a specific school has been identified with the virus, they are working in partnership with several different departments to keep all students, staff, and fans safe at this time.  

“With the organizations closing classes and sporting events, I notice that they are moving fast and are orderly.  I appreciate them putting everyone’s health before business, money, and anything else,” said Kenneth Wilson “And Valley furthermore shows they are trying to maintain a healthy environment for the long run and that is extremely important.”

In an email following the official announcement from the Communications Department of Missouri Valley, Heath Morgan, vice president of student life, followed up with a message of his own.

“I want to make sure everyone understands that the college is not closing for the remainder of the semester,” he said. “The college is extending spring break for a week and moving to an online platform for a period of time for classes. Housing is currently open for all, and meals in the dining hall will begin again on Sunday, March 15 for dinner and remain open as normal. All offices and other services will be open Monday for normal business. Students are welcome to stay on campus as normal.”

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