Students unhappy with MVC guest policy

By Adam Balkin / Delta Staff Writer 

After a month on campus students are beginning to express their displeasure with the strict guest policy Missouri Valley College officials instituted for those living in campus housing this fall.

The policy, created in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, prohibits students from visiting dorm buildings (or even individual rooms) to which they are not assigned.

Heath Morgan, Vice President of Academic Affairs, addressed the issue as recently as Sept. in when he sent an email to the entire student body.

“I am writing to inform the campus community for the final time that any student who violates the college’s guest policy will lose their housing privileges/ability to live on campus,” Morgan wrote. “Students who are found to have gatherings of multiple people in their individual residence may be suspended.” 

Many students have made complaints to the student affairs office because they believe that this rule is unfair and strips them of their college experience here at Missouri Valley College. 

Basketball player Dajah Robinson went a step further and started a petition to help repeal the rule and give students here some type of college experience and socializing. 

“I feel really good about starting the petition,” Robinson said. “We have almost 300 supporters and I just started it last night. A lot of people agree with me because the people in power make these rules for us and at the end of the day, they can go home and be with their families in the comfort of their own home but when lights goes out and school is closed, we have to sit in our room isolated from the people that we care about.” 

At press time, MVC students were reposting the petition to hopefully shed light on how this policy affects them.

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