Covid-19 can’t stop Waverly’s Apple Jubilee

By Courtney Cole/ Delta Staff Writer 

Waverly is a small town about 40 minutes away from Marshall and every year it hosts its annual Apple Jubilee. Even though we are in a pandemic, organizers were adamant that nothing was going to stop this family friendly event. 

The jubilee came to existence on the apple farms located on the Missouri River. The festival is usually hosted on a baseball field where, throughout the season, little league baseball tournaments are played. When the season is over, they turn it into a carnival midway.

Due to Covid-19, they did not get to have much of a baseball season, but the jubilee had to go on! The jubilee is always the second weekend after Labor Day.

The jubilee is full of rides, games and food. On the Friday before the weekend of the Jubilee a king and queen are chosen to walk around the carnival all weekend. They are also in a parade that is held on the same day that the students are able to get out of school early to view.

Within the jubilee are many tables and stands where people are selling food and hand crafted goods such as jams or even homemade scrapbooks.

The food and treats around the jubilee were outstanding. They had funnel cakes and barbeque. Just like any carnival, they had a hamburger and hot dog stand, but this stand had so many different types of hot dogs to match the occasion and theme of the festival. They had an apple brat and even a jalapeno cheddar brat for people who like their food a little bit spicier. 

Another food attraction at the jubilee was Hannah’s Bananas, Coffee and More. They originated in Higginsville, which is about an hour away from Marshall. They came about when Hannah and her family were living in Blue Springs and chose to move to Higginsville. There was no type of coffee shop in that town and Hannah was a big coffee lover so they came up with the idea of starting their own coffee shop. They travel near and far to sell these delectable treats. 

This year was their very first year participating in the Apple Jubilee and they plan to come back for another year since it was successful. They serve a variety of frappes, smoothies, and even ice creams.

The festival does host contests for different events such as the best apples, tractors, and home goods such as cakes, pies, and cookies. Within a certain area of the jubilee they have the chance to show off their apples they took months to grow and prepare for, and the winner with the best apples gets a huge money prize. They even have some pumpkins around for the halloween season.

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