Nearly 1 in 10 MVC students believe Covid-19 is fake

By Courtney Cole/Delta Staff Writer

Covid-19 has cast its shadow over nearly every aspect of the fall semester, but nearly 1 in 10 students at Missouri Valley College believe the virus is fake.

A poll conducted last week by the Delta revealed that 8% of students do not believe that the virus is real.

Among them are Ian Williams, a freshman on the MVC football team. He said no one around him has died from the virus and he believes that the virus is a fluke due to reports that the symptoms are the same as a flu or any other common cold.

Williams also said if he got sick, he would not believe that he had Covid-19, saying it would be more likely that he has the flu or any other common cold.

“I just don’t believe in it,” Williams said. 

The vast majority of students disagree, however, with 9 in 10 saying the virus is real and has affected their lives in some way.

Eva Agcaoili, a sophomore on the debate team at Missouri Valley College, said the virus affected her personally because it has interfered with people that she loves. She knows many individuals who do not have a very strong immune system and that she has to factor in that they could not defend themselves from this virus. 

Agcaoili also takes into consideration information the Centers for Disease Control and other health officials are providing people. During the summer, she had the chance to babysit a boy who had leukemia.

Agcaoili had to follow strict guidelines to make sure that the little boy could not come into contact with anyone who has been infected. She had to change her clothes, constantly sanitize all of her belongings and had to wear an n95 mask while around him. 

Whitney Bean, a senior lacrosse player at Missouri Valley College is also a believer of the virus and takes her best precautions to keep her and the ones around her safe.

Bean said she believes that Covid is real due to what it is affecting around her. Already it is stopping her sports season and has interfered with her college. She doesn’t feel as if college is the same and she is not as happy to be at college as she usually would be if it were a regular school year. 

Bean said it constantly stresses her out in the way that people in her family could catch the virus even if it has not affected her family yet. She is also nervous due to the fact of not knowing how many people on the campus around her might have Covid-19.

Even if she has a moment of doubt, Bean said she would continue to take precautions.

“I want to know the truth, but I am going to wear my mask and keep my mouth shut.” she said.

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