New DIEP joins campus

By Courtney Cole/Delta Staff Writer

With everyone wearing a mask, it might be hard to spot a new face on campus, but there is one in the office of the Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning.

The position is being taken over by Gary Heisserer, who came from Graceland University where he held many positions such as Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Science and professor of theater.

By coming to Missouri Valley College, Heisserer will explore his interest in being in assessment and planning. He said being a theatre geek by nature, his new position gives him an opportunity to use the other side of his brain. As the purpose of this position is to enhance the learning of students and strengthen the college as well, his primary goal is to contribute in that regard.

“I am delighted to be joining the team at Missouri Valley,” Heisserer said. “I am committed to enhancing student learning, and I look forward to working with everyone. It’s great to be here.”

The DIEP provides leadership for everyone on the campus and support for institutional research. It deals with strategy planning and also decision making, in hopes of increasing institutional effectiveness. This position usually works with academic affairs and collaborates with the Chief Academic Officer. 

Some duties of this position are development and maintenance of a comprehensive framework for assessment and planning, support for institutional and program accreditation activities, and much more.

Diane Barthlomew, currently the vice president of academic affairs, had the position when she first arrived at the college. Once getting promoted to her current position, the DIEP was split into a free standing position. Dr. Tiffany Nolan had the position after Bartholmew and was followed by Dr. Tonia Compton who carried on the position until recently. 

“Dr. Garry Heisserer brings a wealth of experience and passion for this work,” Batholomew said. “My hope is that Dr. Heisserer learns the culture and context of Missouri Valley College, can facilitate and improve the on-going assessment and evaluation, resulting in actionable steps and positive outcomes, and lead review and reflection on the current strategic plan as he begins to guide the college toward development of the next strategic plan.’’

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