Faculty ride to fight MS

By Courtney Cole/ Delta Staff Writer 

Multiple Sclerosis affects around 2.3 million people globally, but a group Missouri Valley College professors are taking part in a fundraiser to help bring that number down. 

Jamie Gold, a professor at Missouri Valley College, started biking in March this past year. She found that biking was a healthy outlet for her, not just physically but also mentally.

With Covid-19 still taking over and stopping people from living their daily lives, Gold found herself having extra time on her hands. Posting her journey of her bike rides on Facebook, she noticed how many of those she works with also bike on a daily basis. 

Being a professor in the nonprofit management program at Missouri Valley College and also biking gave Gold a good idea to be able to help those in need. She also called upon her bike-riding coworkers to take part.

Professors Heather Troth, Harold Hynick and Troy Hunt are all part of the team supporting the cause. They are asking family and friends for donations to go towards the cause.

Debate Coach David Bowers, experiences MS as a caregiver for his partner Alex Cunningham, who lives with multiple sclerosis. They do not have a day off and it is an everyday fight for them. 

Bowers said his partner was diagnosed with MS in 2019 and he has watched firsthand how it affects someone, especially since Covid-19. MS treatments require immunosuppressants which can put someone at higher risk for catching the virus. Bowers said he and Cunningham have to take extreme precautions to keep her safe.

This fundraiser has not only helped Alex but also many other people to receive access to certain things they were not able to before. Bowers plan to participate within the fundraiser and try to bike as much as his legs can take. He personally hopes they can raise $500. 

“I just hope that we can do a bit on campus to raise awareness in a year where it is very much important to focus on individuals in our society and on our campus who are most vulnerable,” Bowers said.  

The ride starts on October 17, and participants can ride inside or outside. Currently there is no set route due to Covid-19, but the group will be split up. Some members will ride with Alex, where they will  ride the Kaity Trail. As for Gold, she is planning on riding 30 miles which will be her longest ride up to date.

For more information on MS (Multiple Sclerosis) you can go to https://www.abovems.com/en_us/home/what-is-ms/ms-education.html

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