Welcome to the freezer

By Courtney Cole/ Delta Staff Writer 

The past few weeks at Missouri Valley College has been feeling like Antarctica and with some students being from warmer climates or even from warmer countries, it is making an impact on student life. 

While some students are struggling to deal with the frigid winter temperatures affecting campus, others (like Kara Cain) are enjoying the weather.  

Missouri Valley College is a diverse campus and has many international students who are from countries with a much warmer climate. As winter sets firmly in, they are experiencing very different weather than they are used too. 

Nicole Rubio, a senior women’s soccer player who is originally from Barcelona, Spain, said the weather in Missouri is different than the weather back in her home country in nearly every way. Not only does it not get as hot in the summer as Missouri, but the cold gripping the campus is unheard of. 

Rubio prefers to go back home to a much warmer climate since she is so used to that type of weather, she truly enjoys the sun and being able to go outside and enjoy good weather. She also feels as she is more motivated with energy when the weather is good. 

Looking on the bright side, Rubio said the cold weather has allowed her to spend more time at home and with her friends; even getting the chance to watch movies and play some fun indoor games. Rubio said her main tactic to stay warm would be taking a hot shower and finding a hot beverage. 

“To those that are not used to the cold weather I would say to them that to be warm, they just need to wear warm clothes, take a warm shower, and drink a good hot coffee!” Rubio said.

Victor Gabriel is a junior football player at Missouri Valley College who is from Vallejo, California, where it usually never snows. They may deal with some cool weather but never anything as severe as the weather right now in Missouri. Since he is not really used to such a cold temperature, it has been kind of rough for him to adjust to the coldness especially when it had been below freezing the past couple of weeks.

Gabriel feels as if there are some pros when it comes to these colder weather, especially when it comes to students who have never seen snow or have even dealt with cold weather. He said it is kind of wonderful to see how pretty the snow looks when it falls. Either way Gabriel will always prefer the warmer weather over the cold just because he enjoys the sunny weather and the atmosphere outside when it is warm outside. Not only that, he also enjoys the fact that people are able to have the most fun during the summer. People are able to not only embrace the sun but also they get the chance to bbq.

“Summer is just a different vibe,” Gabriel said.

In his opinion, some good ways to stay warm during the winter time is two bundle up by wearing multiple layers such as multiple jackets, thermal shirts, and a thick pair of jeans. He also advised everyone to not to go outside if only it is truly necessary. 

“Stay warm and try your best to stay bundled up because this is the worst time to get sick,” Gabriel said. 

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