Alcohol policy violations drop

By Colin Ruthenberg/Delta Staff Writer

Despite a national increase in alcohol consumption during 2020, reports of violations of the Missouri Valley College alcohol policy have fallen almost 70% percent during the current academic year.

MoVal fits into a category that nearly one-third of colleges and universities around the United States fall into according to a Harvard study: MVC is dry campus, meaning alcohol is prohibited on campus regardless of age and intention to consume it elsewhere.

There have been 14 cases of the alcohol policy being broken this academic school year. This is down considerably from years prior. In 2019, there were 41 liquor policy violations, and in 2018 there were 37. The most recent case for this school year was February 13, when ‘DPS was called ref loud noise, and students were in violation of Alcohol and Covid Policy.’ Residence Life is often the one to call DPS typically due to excessive noise, loud music, or the smell of Marijuana.

Not only is the consumption of alcohol prohibited on campus but the policy goes farther than that covering possession, distribution, paraphernalia, games and intoxication. 

According to the student handbook: “Possession, Use, or Distribution of alcoholic beverages or related paraphernalia in any College-owned, controlled, or adjacent facility, at any College function, or while representing the College is prohibited,” Conner Swift, Associate Dean of Students, referenced the handbook as well when asked for the specifics of Paraphernalia. 

“As defined in the handbook, ‘Paraphernalia: Possession or use of alcohol paraphernalia is prohibited. Paraphernalia may include empty containers, mixers, and alcohol-related signs and posters. Empty alcohol containers are not allowed on campus or in residential facilities,’” Swift said.

When Swift was asked if a flag with the Coors Light logo on it would be against that policy, he stated that yes, it would qualify as a violation of the MVC Alcohol policy. 

 “I would say that alcohol is an issue that arises at any institution. I don’t believe that we have a large alcohol problem here on campus.” Swift added in regards to whether or not he believes alcohol usage is a big issue here at MoVal. 

Every case reported during the 2020 academic year has been inside of an on-campus residence hall. Cody Hohenberger, a resident adviser in Moreland Hall, said that he hasn’t had to deal with any alcohol-related issues yet, however, he has had his run-ins with smoking issues. 

“There have been multiple occasions where cigarettes have needed to be taken from students smoking inside their rooms,” Hohenberger said. “You can smell it, and you go up to the door, knock, and confiscate them.”

A student from Japan, Kouske Hisano, said that while he doesn’t mind the policy personally because he doesn’t really drink, however he felt that the punishment for getting caught is a bit harsh. 

“When one of my friends got in trouble for partying and drinking on campus by an RA, he had to work for 2 weeks in the gym cleaning,” Hisano said. 

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