Shuttle service takes students from MVC to MCI

By Colin Ruthenberg/Delta Staff Writer

Getting to and from campus can be a challenge for those without a vehicle, but thanks to a shuttle service offered by Missouri Valley College, no car is no problem. This spring there are five different times between April 30 and May 1. 

No matter the airline, they will drop you off at the exact terminal you need and the pick-up location is at the MVC Columns, according to official MoVal website. 

With MVC having such a large international student population, this shuttle is extremely convenient and helpful as many students do not have vehicles themselves. Laura Quero, a freshman from Spain has used this service and thought it was a good experience. 

“It’s pretty easy to book the ticket on the web page, and whenever I’ve needed a refund for some flight changes they have accepted it,” Quero said. “It is pretty comfortable and there’s enough space for the baggage. It’s more or less like an Uber but with way more people. 

Other ways to get to the airport definitely are out there but are not nearly as cheap. According to Uber Fare Estimator, an Uber to Kansas City International Airport (MCI) from Missouri Valley will cost you around $195. The shuttle offered at the school costs $33, a whopping $162 cheaper. 

Having a coach, teammate or friend is another option for transportation to and from school. Josh Bishopp, a student-athlete from Australia, said it was nice to have someone come and pick him up. His flight arrived after the shuttle services were offered as well.

“I didn’t take the school shuttle, I had a teammate come and pick me up for convenience and timing,” Bishopp said. 

This option is a premium however, as not everyone is able to get someone who is willing or has the time to spend over 3 hours driving to the airport. 

Students who want to book a shuttle for the end of this upcoming semester can do so at One of the shuttles is sold out already as of April 14th. 

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