Retirement proves short-lived for Carrell

By Tynan Braymiller/Delta Staff Writer

Public Relations Professor Harry Carrell retired from being a full time teacher at Missouri Valley College after the school decided to discontinue the PR concentration of mass communication last year.

While Carrell’s plan was to fully retire following the spring 2021 semester, he decided he wasn’t done teaching yet.

Instead of being full-time he came back as an adjunct teacher to finish the rest of his students’ PR classes. Carrell also stated

“My biggest thrill was working with great students.” Carrell said.

Currently, Carrell plans to teach the last four PR classes, staying on until the program goes away. Two classes are taking place this semester and two more will follow during the spring. After that, his future is undetermined. 

Because he teaches only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Carrell also got a chance to pick up some of his old but favorite hobbies.

“I finally have some time to devote to the ones I love–writing, music, my cars and the new hobby of slapping paint on a canvas and trying to figure out what it is,” Carrell said. “I love mixing colors and shapes together on the canvas and my wife and son and surrogate sons have supplied me with lots of paint and canvas and encouragement”

Carrell also mentioned that his dog has brought him joy and keeps him sane when he is bored at home.

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