Tsui joins music faculty 

By Courtney Cole/ Managing Editor 

With the start of the school year, people are still getting used to some new faces on campus; not just with students but also some of the faculty and staff.

One of those new faces belongs to Charles Tsui, the new piano teacher for the music department at Missouri Valley College. 

Originally from Hong Kong, where he received his education and undergraduate degree, Tsui majored in piano performance. He chose to go to Boston, where he received his masters degree in piano performance. Wanting to become a better musician, he decided to go to Kansas City to expand his experiences even further. 

He chose Missouri Valley College to expand and share his knowledge in the music field. MoVal fit every single check mark in his book, everything was exactly what he wanted within a job. The first time he stepped onto the campus he felt as if it was a dream school for him, it was not too big or too small. 

In terms of improving the music department at the school, he believes since there are smaller classes at the school, it helps with people understanding hands on and learning more than just from a textbook. Having a self discovery of what music is and what it means to them. They are able to have better communication and community performance. 

Looking back into the years after they choose to go on with their lives, Tsui still wants them to feel proud  after their performance they have done years after leaving Missouri Valley College. 

His favorite part of being a pianist, from being one to becoming the teacher, he knows how it feels in both ways. He appreciated the feeling that music had given him in his lifetime. He loves to share his knowledge with his students and those around him. He knows he is doing the right thing when the student that he is instructing finally hit that right note or play a piece correctly and the light bulb in their head dings because they finally got it right. 

A quote that Tsui goes by would be  “Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music,” which is from the Russian pianist and composer Sergei Rachmaninoff.

His very own personal quote he would give to those around him would be: “Never stay within your comfort zone, be ready to jump out of your comfort zone,”Tsui said. “The world is full of possibilities.” 

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