Weapon found in dorm

By Matias Maquieira/Delta Staff Writer

Although information is limited, campus crime logs show that a weapon was found in Moreland Hall.

A Resident Assistant found the weapon in a dorm room before Vice President of Student Affairs Heath Morgan, Residence Hall Director Conner Swift and a Public Safety officer intervened and confiscated it.

Citing student record privacy, Morgan decline to release the name of the student or students involved.  Morgan said he could only reveal that it was not a firearm. 

Safety inspections on dorms are done once a semester, although the resident coordinator and assistants are limited in what they can do.

“The residence staff cannot open doors, cases or cupboards in the dorms,” Conner Swift said. “The guidelines are on the website, and the students know the penalties.” 

It is not known what the student(s)’s sanction will be for this policy violation. 

The violation was internally referred, meaning that it was not turned over to the police department of Marshall for criminal charges. 

“I think the weapon policy isn’t well exposed by the authorities of the university, a banner on the doors is not enough,” said freshman Jesus Perez, who lives in Moreland Hall. “The safety inspections should be harder on students.” 

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