Entertaining a fanbase who wants to see you fail!

By Kenneth Crenshaw Jr. / Delta Opinion Editor

In the current climate of the country, society pressures others to pursue all they can to achieve a celebrity lifestyle. Everyone seeks monetary success in order to set themselves up for a comfortable life. However, fame and notoriety seems to have caught up to the demand for money. 

The power that social media outlets have can make someone’s career overnight. At the same time, it can  lose all of that opportunity. Society views “Cancel Culture” as eliminating the toxicity out of the public eye in efforts to deter others from making that same mistake. 

Once an artist commits an act of discrimination, a violent crime, or disrespects a certain group, there will be a collective of people in defense of those effected. “Cancel Culture” is limiting an artist’s opportunity to make money or even removing products off shelves. 

When incidents happen, the artists are elevated behind the novelty of those actions and the victims are further exploited. For example, music artists receive more credibility for criminal acts. Since modern Hip Hop or Heavy Metal has a violent undertone, fans feel the artist is more “real” for living the dangerous lives they speak about. 

After speaking with a few students at Missouri Valley College on if they would support their favorite musical artist if he or she has committed a violent crime. Robert Strong stated that “I already do.” He further explains, “I would still support that artist but it depends on the situation. I wouldn’t mind if that person is violent in self defense or trying to defend their family.” 

Isaiah C. said “The whole vibe of the music is violent. I hear songs everyday about shooting opps or selling drugs and I just naturally guess that they do those things since they talk about it all the time. I don’t do those things but I still enjoy it. It gets me motivated to work out and the beats sound good.” 

Cancel culture has no limitations, it always starts rationally and it could be looked at as a way to take a stand against those who abuse, hurt, and oppress others. Some people are less affected by hate comments, or discrimation against a certain group that they aren’t a part of. MVC student Jamyce Marshall says “I feel for anyone who gets hate but it’s hard for me to want to cancel everything if I don’t feel directly affected.” 

Extremes are necessary for change ! People are far more likely to let insignificant things remain and react far more passionately when there are extreme circumstances. Murder, Sexual assault, abuse to children, and malicious discrimination will cause a greater reaction from the public. 

Cancel Culture doesn’t have to be focused on one single person. An entire group, publication, brand, and even a professional sports team are all subject to change if they harm others. The NFL rebranded the  Washington Football Team because their former name the “Redskins” derived from a term used toward Native Americans. Everything shown to the public eye through media and other outlets are subject to change depending on the reactions of the people. 

The public should have a say so in the matter if the justice system fails to provide true justice. As the people are the ones who are involved in creating these stars. Money is spent on services and products. If the artist, brand, or publication takes advantage of a corrupt system that favors the wealthy, as the people should have a plan of action to provide true justice.

The decision from the public should side with providing justice for victims involved, not just taking away the power and opportunity of the accused. Human beings are constantly changing and extremely impulsive. You are not married to your opinion. If you lied as a child, are you still a liar today? 

Do you feel it’s your job to cancel a particular artist or is it the huge publications that back these people ? 

These companies or publications cancel their cash cow in efforts to gain support from those who are affected by the actions of those accused. Huge brands, companies, and publications are insensitive to topics that affect the small groups of people affected. However, if a large number of people are outraged, big brands like Nike side with the public in order to preserve their potential customers. 

Cancel culture is currently set that since I don’t like it, no one should even have the chance to make that decision anymore. It has to be gone. This is unfair to those who feel they deserve a choice in the matter if they want to enjoy the product or service provided. If an individual does not like something, then that one person should simply not support it. 

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