MVC Homecoming is all about ‘Friends’

By Matias Maquieira/Delta Staff Writer

A busy week is ahead for Missouri Valley College as the Homecoming Weekend will take place this coming Friday until Sunday. 

Homecoming week is here again, after not being able to have one last year due to Covid-19. Missouri Valley College will have events Friday through Sunday to celebrate this particular matter who is important for many in the college.

Homecoming is the weekend when the university celebrates all the alumni that have graduated there and keeps the connection with the people from the institution. All events are paid by the budget that the Alumni Office has available. 

On Friday, the celebration will start with the games of the Men’s and Women’s Soccer Teams. After this, there will be food trucks previous to the famous Torch Run where two players of each athletic team will run four laps around campus, and after it, students will enjoy the fireworks.

 Saturday will be for campus tours and a lunch for the athletic Hall-of-Famers before the Football Homecoming Game. In the evening, a Wrestling alumni dual will take place. 

On the last day of Homecoming,Sunday, three alumni games will be held. Two of them will be Volleyball Games, Women’s and Men’s will enjoy Alumni games, and the other will be a Softball Game at the Indian Foothills Park. 

Since 2019,people could not celebrate Homecoming in MVC as well as in almost every university in the United States because of the appearance of the Covid virus.

“The response will be mixed. We have many that are excited to come to Homecoming after not being able to come last year,” Jennifer Swift, director of alumni relations, said. “Others will not attend out of an abundance of caution.” 

The current and former students are enthusiastic about this weekend, as there are two generations of newcomers that will enjoy homecoming for the first time and two others of alumni that will have the opportunity to come back to their college after a while. 

“I miss MVC, the people and the environment. Homecoming means that I can relive some of my time in college,” Kelsea Miller, a former student who spent six years in this college, said. “I can see old friends and see how much the campus has changed.”

One fun attraction for the current students is to vote their kings and queens for each class. They will be presented at halftime of the football game played on Saturday. “It is something different for us as Europeans, I am excited to see how it is,” Ona Bartolome, one of the candidates for freshman queen, said. “If I get selected, it will be a nice experience,” she assented.

It is for sure that this year’s homecoming edition will be fun and it will bring back some of the normal-life stuff that was lost during the pandemic.

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