Why do we do the FAFSA?

By Colton Crawford/Delta Staff Writer

Every year, millions of college students around the nation fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, also known as the FAFSA, but why should they apply for it? 

Students that apply for the FAFSA receive more than $120 billion in grants, low interest loans, and work studys from the United States department of Education each year.  Filling out the FAFSA is single handedly one of the most important steps towards receiving financial help with school.

One can apply for the FAFSA as early as October 1st for the following academic year . Since financial aid is given out on a first come first serve system, it is important to send the application as soon as possible. The FAFSA requires information about you and your family’s finances, so you’ll more than likely need a parent’s help to complete it. 

A federal school code is a special code given to schools across the country that is assigned by federal student aid.  The student then uses the specific code assigned for their college of choice to see what scholarships are attainable through them.  Missouri Valley College’s federal school code is 002489.  

Applying for the FAFSA takes a while, but is worth it if you are fortunate enough to receive help for your education. 

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