Last day to withdraw approaching

By Kenneth Crenshaw Jr. / Delta Opinion Editor

It is better to take the “W” instead of the “F”

This is a pivotal time in the fall semester where students seem to have a perspective on how their class schedules may go. Some classes are easier to grasp than others. However, students are not forced to take the loss of a failing grade. 

The last day to withdraw from a Fall 2021 course is October 29. This is the final day to withdraw from full semester classes if somebody is not confident in their current trajectory. Withdrawing from a course before the deadline will grant you a “W” on your transcript and you are not penalized with a lower GPA. 

The way to begin this process is to speak with your academic advisor.

Registrar Marsha Lashley said: “Meet with your advisor because you don’t want to withdraw from something when you need that required course for graduation. Students who are graduating this year should get the approval before making any changes to their scheduled courses.” 

There are a lot of student athletes on campus. There are very specific NAIA requirements like maintaining 12 credit hours to remain eligible for participation. Students need to make sure that if they are planning to withdraw from a course make sure they are not falling below the required credit hours. 

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