Hello darkness: Commuter students adjust to daylight savings time

By Courtney Cole/ Managing Editor

When it comes to daylight savings time, it can sometimes be difficult for students who are commuting to Missouri Valley College. It can be a challenge when it starts to get darker around 5:30 p.m. 

Sydney Young, a commuter student at Missouri Valley College, commutes back and forth from Odessa, Missouri.

When it comes to going and coming from school, Young sees challenges such as traffic and also working out your day-to-day schedule such as getting there early or even staying late.

Since she is not the biggest fan of driving or being by herself in the car at night, she appreciates that it is one straight shot from Marshall to Odessa. 

Since deer are more common around this time of year and also being daylight saving time, Young tries her best to watch out for her surroundings when it comes to driving.

She has never been in an accident, but since there is a lot of traffic because of things like bridge work, she tries to be very cautious since not everyone is a defensive driver. 

“Click it or ticket it!” said Young. “I always try to leave early just to make sure with weather conditions to make sure I make it school safe.”

As for Ariana Martinez, who is a commuting student that travels from Sedalia, Missouri to go to Missouri Valley College. As for the challenges that she has to deal with when coming to school, those can include gas, time and even putting mileage on her car. These can sometimes be hard. 

Since it is starting to get darker faster, she feels as if it does not make a difference to her since she used to be a part of the track team. With her being a part of the track team last year, she had to constantly leave early due to the drive. 

She personally has never had an accident when it comes to deer but she has been close to having an accident because of trailers since some are not respectful to the other drivers on the road. 

“Don’t be on your phone and if you wear glasses, make sure you wear them” said Martinez 

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