Faculty, students notice dip in attendance

By Courtney Cole / Managing Editor

Since the fall semester at Missouri Valley College is coming to an end, there is starting to be fewer and fewer students showing up in classrooms. Some people may wonder why, especially when finals are approaching and this is the last stretch for students to get that late work in.

Haley Innes, an instructor in the math and science division at Missouri Valley College, said she has noticed the lack of attendance in classrooms. She said, for some students, the issue with the time the class is offered while others have lost confidence in the class. 

The main times she noticed that students were lacking in attendance in class was early, such as 8 am; noon, which is lunchtime; and lastly, the latest class that is 2 p.m. The time when she fully noticed the lack of attendance was after exams when students tend to give up on the course. 

Innes does tend to make important announcements to her students and weekly quizzes and worksheets. 

She believes that the students will show up for finals, but as of right now, since Thanksgiving break is approaching, the lack of attendance will keep increasing. 

“Each class is important. Each lecture is built to enrich student knowledge. Don’t lose out on the opportunity to grow just because you don’t feel like going,” Innes said. “You would be amazed to see how much you learn by simply attending class every day.” 

Tyesha Rhodes is a sophomore at Missouri Valley College who goes to her classes the majority of the semester. One thing that she never understood was why some students chose not to go at all. 

In Rhodes’ opinion, it is okay to miss class when someone is ahead of the course and has good grades. Even though she has missed some classes this semester more than in the past, she could still maintain good grades. 

Some may miss classes for personal reasons or even because they do not like the professors. But some tend not to come because they do not mind missing class and because their teacher doesn’t take attendance, so they know they can do it without repercussions. Those who choose not to go at all are wasting a lot of money since those students are not going to the classes they paid for.

Rhodes believes that those students are in school for no reason. She feels it is important for students like herself not to miss out on important information and stay caught up in their classes and look like a good student to the professor. As of right now, she believes that lots of students are over the semester since it has been one long semester and that they’re just ready for winter break to start, which she believes is a big reason for the lack of attendance. 

“They pretty much just tapped out,” Rhodes said.

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