Repertory Dance stages fall show inspired by sisterhood

By Courtney Cole / Managing Editor 

The Missouri Valley dance team recently had their fall dance show. The performance is to not only show the talent of MVC dance students, but others around campus as well. 

Professor of dance, Janie Morgan said this show was open for students to audition their personal pieces to show off to the audience. 

For a time, the department only did one big dance concert in February. However, when the dance team became very active with competitions, they chose to split it up and have a concert both fall and spring semesters. 

Within the show was a brief pause that allowed the audience to review the dances and what the meaning was behind each one of them. 

The dance team also had the opportunity to have a guest dancer that came up with a cha cha style of dance that was performed. 

Much of the choreography was inspired by Morgan’s children and how they are growing up as sisters and their life as a whole. 

Her hopes for the show were to have a full crowd and for that row to enjoy the live dancers and the performers as a whole. 

“This is probably one of the strongest groups of dancers I have had in a long time,” Morgan said. “The talent is high and the work is great and we are excited to share.” 

Missouri Valley College dancer Jensyan Baker said how she was most excited working with all of the girls as well as the different styles of dances that they worked on. 

Her goal for the show was that the girls would feel good about the dance that she had choreographed as well as the other dances that the other girls came up with. The girls put in hours of practice from two to three days a week since the beginning of the semester. Since the week of the show, they practiced from 2 to 10 p.m. every day.

“The repertory dance ensemble is an open and creative place for any type of dance and style of movement,” Baker said. “ And any level of dancer. You do not have to be super skilled, not even an inch of skill in your body. Just doing something that you love.”

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