Winter Storm Landon reaches Valley

By Meliyah Venerable / Managing Editor 

The Missouri Valley College campus is getting hit by the second major snowstorm this winter, Winter Storm Landon. Unlike past winters where the college has had consecutive snow days, this is the very first three snow days of the semester. 

The winter storm warning took effect on Tuesday evening and will continue until Thursday at 6 p.m. Marshall is expected to get up to 12 inches of snow, with temperatures in the low teens. The campus is doing everything it can to keep the students safe. 

“Please make sure you are prepared in the event of the possibility you will be unable to travel around the college campus, Marshall Community, and the State of Missouri.  You are advised to have food and water in the event it becomes too hazardous for you to leave,” Heath Morgan said in an email advising students.

With Covid-19 introducing online classrooms like zoom and google meet, snow days for students are not what they used to be. For most students class will still be in session, just in the comfort of their own room. 

“I honestly miss the old days, where snow days meant no classes,” Faith Via said.“It gave us a break from school.”

Winter Storm Landon is not just affecting the Saline County area, it is covering a spread of 2,000 miles across the United States according to The Weather Channel. 

Meteorologists on The Weather Channel say that  “Winter Storm Landon will spread a mess of snow, sleet and freezing rain from the Rockies to the Plains, Midwest and parts of the Northeast through Friday.” 

Public Safety and Resident Life will continue to operate as normal, as well as the dining hall. 

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