Murrel Library conducting survey

By Devon Lee / Staff Writer

Murrell Library has begun steps for improvement by tracking student use of library tools, tracking library staff presentations, encouraging being open on closed days, and asking what students want from the library by releasing a digital survey.

The survey was sent to students through email, giving them the ability to access the survey easily and complete it at their own pace.  The students are able to complete the survey from Mar. 14 through Mar. 28. Students who take the survey have the chance to win the grand prize, a $50 Amazon gift card. Five $25 Amazon gift cards will be given away as well.

Students are able to choose if they want more guest speakers, individual study carrels, social media giveaways or game and movie nights. Entertainment seems to be the most interesting especially in our current digital age.

Tyesha Rhodes, is an English major who is happy to know the blessing that her family is absolutely valuable to her.

“Games and movie nights should be one thing the library offers more,” she said. 

Rhodes added that “Uno” is a fun game that utilizes teamwork, which MVC is athletically dominant, and entertainment brings many students together to unwind. This turns the library into a fun place to be.

One of the top priorities of the Murell library is cleanliness. Students have recognized the excellent job the Murell library staff has done to keep their space clean.

Second semester MVC student Kamlesh Baral, soon to be Human rights law major and a person with a personality of kindness said she enjoys the environment provides for studying.

“The library is not dirty,” she said. “The quiet room on the top floor of the library is always clean.”

The Commons library has bean bag chairs, couches and study tables for students to get work done effectively. The furniture in the commons makes the space inviting enough to have students wanting to come over on a Sunday, if the commons library decides to open that day.

Natalia Ruiz, a management major, and a person who thinks of the phrase “Believe in yourself,” said she likes to make use of the Commons.

“The furniture in the Commons library is well and the Commons has a lively environment,” she said.

Ruiz added she would be at the Commons for sure if additional weekend hours were added. The survey turnout will be the determining factor.

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