Students, faculty gather for poetry slam

By Devon Lee/ Staff writer 

MVC Poetry and Slam night turned Murrell library into a poetry stage as students and even one librarian shared poems with the crowd on March 21, 2022, which was World Poetry Day. 

The night included a bake sale, the Tres Amigos food truck at the MVC columns and students enjoying the night after classes to share their creative and valuable writing skills.

Everything began in the Murrell library’s reading room. Chairs filled the space and a speaker with a podium allowed the speakers to be heard through a microphone. Guests received a welcome gift of an opening act of “butchered poetry” out of a cup by the host and a fellow member of the MVC Flatliners. “Liquor is quicker,” was one of the many lines that followed.

Before the poems, raffles for $5 gift cards to the Bistro were announced throughout the event. There were several winners.

The lineup of poets was heavy, more than 10 poems were read during the two-hour event. The genre of poems read were Love, Comedy, Social Awareness, and Self-Esteem.

Clapping was discontinued for the night and instead snapping was the replacement. It was shared that poets get spooked easily, therefore snapping anytime during the best lines of their poetry was appropriate.

Tyler Robertson was one of the poets who shared two poems with the crowd. “You” was a poem about how much a woman can make a man love and appreciate her, while his more personal poem was about his almost fateful encounter with a police officer.

After he was done participating in the poetry readings he said, “I read about things that mean a lot to me.” 

He wanted listeners to take these themes from his poetry, “Keep on fighting for change and stay brave.”

The crowd was pleased to be at the event because it was a good time. It was so good that the crowd decided to volunteer a poet who did not want to go up. “Joe Joe Joe” was cheerfully chanted from the crowd and as a result, Joe went up to the podium. 

Joe read a poem titled “The emperor of ice cream.” This was a funeral poem that focused on children getting ice cream after a funeral, but the funeral was a hidden theme of the poem.

Another special gift was given to the crowd when Margot Mirabal, one of the Murrell librarians, read a poem. Her poem was about a 2015 terrorist attack in Paris. 

After the event was done a few extra things happened. During the last raffle, as the winning ticket was read off Joe had the winning number. What he didn’t realize was that his friends gave him the ticket of the woman reading the tickets aka “Raffel queen.” Joe didn’t win after all.

Kaylee Herring, one of the MVC Flatliners performed in the opening act and shared some slam poetry alongside the host Daniel Ripley. She enjoyed the night and had a good time.

“It was a good turnout and the crowd was really interactive,” Herring said.

As far as improvements for future MVC poetry events, Herring was pleased with the event. She ended by saying: “I like what’s going on here.” 

Ripley enjoyed himself and told many poetry jokes to keep the crowd entertained. He enjoys these types of events because, in his own words, anything can happen.

Another quality from the event Ripley enjoyed was the energy the crowd provided during and after the poets performed. He trusts that these events are good for the students.

With the event being a good back and forth process, he said, “It’s important to hear the voices of students.”

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