For many finding a job is part of the campus experience

By Laura Quero / Staff Writer

Missouri Valley College offers multiple work-study positions on campus for those who need some financial help, giving students an opportunity to be out of the college bubble and be closer to the labor world.

Students can request different work-study jobs around campus and Director of Financial Aid Derek Bohnsack, said Valley student employment office is working to expand those options.

“We currently offer a wide variety of positions and are always looking for more ways to help our students and supervisors,” said Bohnsack. “The positions are not based on the facility but rather position needs in which a supervisor requests to have a work-study position assigned to them.”

Despite the multiple opportunities to work on campus, some students struggle to find work. Freshman Elisa Melus applied to work in the campus cafeteria but never obtained any response.

“On my first semester, I sent multiple emails to the cafeteria boss in order to work there, but I had no answers back,” said Melus. “When I later went to his office, I was told that there were no open positions anymore.”

Although working on campus can bring positive aspects like money and experience, it also has some cons. Senior Ivan Camas currently works in the Bistro and said it has good and bad parts.

“Working on campus can be fun since you are most of the time working with friends,” said Camas. “But because of spending so many hours working, sometimes I feel like I’m missing things out.”

From the student’s experience, it is not always easy to find a job on campus. But if you finally get it, it is undeniable the number of positive aspects that it can bring to their future lives.

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