Fall housing becomes students’ priority 

By Marc Rodriguez/ Staff Writer 

As the end of the 2022 spring semester winds down, returning students for the fall have their eyes specifically set on one thing, housing for the fall semester.

An alarm set for 9:00 am on Monday rang and began the fight as honor students were first in line to complete their preferred housing list for next year. Each day for the remainder of the week, returning students will have their shot at getting the housing they want. Tuesday goes to the seniors, Wednesday is the juniors, and Thursday will be the Sophomores. Many students have their minds on two specific accommodations. These two are Viking Village and Valley Village.  

Both dorms offer each student their own room, private bathrooms, as well as a living room in the middle.  

Soon to be a senior, Bo Horsten explained which dorm she intends on choosing and why. 

“The hardest thing to do is walk across campus in the middle of winter or during a thunderstorm, and Viking will help us out with that,” she said.  

For domestic students with a car, the approach is a little different. Coming into the fall as a senior, Koby Linder explained why Valley Village is what he will be choosing.  

“I know that a lot of foreigners will be trying to get into Viking Village,” he said. Since I’m from Missouri and have a car, Valley is the option I’m going with. It’s a little further off-campus but has the same amenities as Viking does.” 

Koby likes both Viking and Valley but believes if he puts Valley down as his preference, he will have a better chance of getting in.  

On the other hand, second and third-year students may not be fortunate enough to get what they want next year. This is because their priority on the list falls because of little time on campus. As a freshman this year, Markus Stepanoff explains his approach to attempting to get into better housing.  

“Being a freshman this year, I’ve been living in Moreland, which is not the best housing,” he said. “Walking into Viking and Valley is like walking into a penthouse suite compared to Moreland. Some of my upper-class teammates have asked me if I wanted to be their roommate for next year and I had to jump on the opportunity to get into the nicer dorms.”  

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