Adulting 101 Workshops help MVC students ‘adult like a pro’

By Thania Figueroa/Staff Writer

Throughout the fall semester, Murrell Library will hold “Adulting 101″ workshops to help Missouri Valley College students become more responsible. 

Tonight, mental health will be the topic of the workshop. MVC counselors will be giving some tips on the early stages of burnout, academics and sports being the factor, and some tips on how to care for yourself. Alumna Jordan Hawkins will also be a guest speaker at this workshop, giving students information on all the resources MVC and the community has to offer regarding mental health. 

A fun activity that students have the opportunity to participate in is making DIY Mood Boards. 

Margot Mirabal, Murrell Library Public Relations, Marketing, and Outreach Specialist and Samantha Perkins, Acquisitions, Collection Development and Interlibrary Loan Librarian, have a goal of helping new students and guiding them with finances, mental health, nutrition, and overall well-being. 

“That’s what we’re trying to also show with our workshops, that, hey, the library is a safe place. You can come to study, to relax, to learn new things from outside speakers…so we’re hoping that this really shows that to the students,” said Mirabal.

Perkins got the idea when she attended a session at a conference back in June. This session mentioned having success in adulting 101 workshops at other schools about the size of MVC. She and Mirabal discussed the idea and decided to bring these workshops to MVC. 

This is their first time doing adulting 101 workshops. 

“It’s kind of a learning curve for us learning what students want and what’s going to be helpful for everybody,” said Perkins. 

To bring in more students to these next workshops, Murrell Library will be giving out coupons to local fast food restaurants and providing snacks. 

They collaborated with Wood and Huston Bank with their “Financial Literacy” workshop last week. Wood and Huston Bank is less than a mile away from campus, which allows for students who do not have transportation easy access and an opportunity to open a bank account. The bank has a lot of programs to help incoming freshman and international students. They said they had a small but great turnout. They presented a slideshow, asked students questions, and offered gift cards. 

“I thought having a smaller group allowed for deeper conversation,” said Perkins.

On Thursday, September 29, “Nutrition” with Sue Robinson is the topic. Robinson is a specialist in nutrition and health education. Some of the things she will be providing for students are grocery lists and how to make some meals from that list. She will also be helping students budget with their grocery shopping. 

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