Purple Zone is harder than ever 

By Maria Lopez / Staff Writer

The international students started the cheer when the Men’s soccer team opened their season at home. Students came with the drums and started cheering for our Vikings. It is notable that the majority of them are European, who live soccer in a different way than other continents. 

“We do this because it is fun for us, and we know that it motivates the soccer players. Most of them are from Europe and we know that they feel like home when we do this,” Noah Dalle, a Spanish student who is always cheering, said. 

Photo by Temo Olvera

The cheer has been happening since last year when a Spanish soccer player debuted at the end of the season, and he goaled three times in the second part. Everybody was excited and since then, they decided to come to every soccer game at home, even traveling to other colleges to still show their support, like at Central Methodist University.

On Sept. 21, the soccer team played against CMU, and this time was at the home of the Vikings. The students came with two drums, slaps for the Vikings, and flags from some countries. 

“When we were warming up, and we saw all the guys coming with the flags and the drums, it really made goosebumps on us, it is a feeling that I cannot describe, but we really feel motivated for the game,”, Alejandro Lujan a player from the soccer team said.

The season just started and Athletic Director Mike Machholz wants more about the students. He is planning to bring the level of student and community involvement up to really make the game day experience more fun. The department also talked about a drumline, they are discussing and trying to make the cheer better. 

Photo by Temo Olvera

“I love to see all of the energy that these students bring to the games!  We love seeing the signs, flags and really like to hear those drums beating,” Machholz said. “Creating a student section for all events is vital for that moving forward. But we have to do this in a manner that is acceptable for the Champions of Character policies that the Heart of America Conference and MVC have in place  We have to eliminate the foul language used in chants and all smoke/fireworks devices moving forward or I will be forced to put a halt to all the festive activities.”

Students in the Purple Zone said they are taking what Machholz said into consideration going forward.

“It is true that we can take care a little about the language that we use sometimes, and even more if it is a policy, but we get really excited and we use that as a normal action like we do in our countries, and for example, at the CMU game, the other team answered us and that is what makes soccer fun,” Daniel Hermosilla, a student from Spain, said. “Nobody takes it personally because that is the way we do it during the game, after that everything is fine between the two teams.”

The next home game is October 5, against Mount Mercy University, and the team, the athletic Department, and the students are excited and preparing for the occasion. 

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