Students report sexual harassment on MVC campus

By Laura Quero / Staff Writer

Sexual harassment is a reality that has been present in our society for years, and the campus of Missouri Valley College isn’t immune to it. Since the start of the semester, multiple female students have reported sexist behavior from groups of male students towards them.

Following several reported instances this semester, Vice President of Student Affairs Heath Morgan sent an email to every student on campus regarding sexual harassment, which includes everything from verbal comments to physical assault.

“Please be aware that Missouri Valley College has zero tolerance for individuals who make these kind of comments,” Morgan said. “It is a form of sexual harassment and those who are found responsible for such behavior will suffer disciplinary consequences to the fullest of the college’s ability.”

Morgan also talked about different ways to prevent sexual harassment on campus and to minimize this type of incidents.

“These kind of events could be reduced through education,” Morgan said. “If the victims reported more often those actions, it would be easier to reduce them.”

Junior Joana Marucci from Spain is one of the victims of sexual harassment on campus who has had the courage to speak up about the problem. She encourages any student who is going through a similar situation to report it.

“I felt very disrespected and very frustrated as well because this has been happening since my freshman year,” Marucci said. “It is so scary to speak up but I’m glad that I finally report it,” she added.

Millions of women around the world experience these kinds of situations, making them feel uncomfortable and unsafe in many places. Sophomore Katherine Rojas said the behavior of some students makes Missouri Valley feel unsafe for female students.

“Mostly when the freshmen are here and start looking for girls again, make a lot of those girls feel uncomfortable, and that’s what makes MVC sometimes not a safe place for us,” Rojas said.

Students who may be suffering this kind of harassment can report it through public safety or directly to Heath Morgan. Both offices are located in the Malcolm Center for Student Life.

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