Survey: 1 in 10 students have dietary restrictions

By Thania Figueroa/Staff Writer

A recent survey of Missouri Valley College revealed that one in 10 students have dietary restrictions, whether it is a gluten allergy, religious reasons, lactose intolerance, or because of ethical reasons.

According to Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE), 32 million Americans have a food allergy which is 1 in every 10. 

The Delta surveyed 100 students on campus, asking if they had dietary restrictions. A total of 10 students responded that they did, including one student who reported multiple restrictions. 

The survey found a variety of restrictions and reasons behind them. Three students are dairy free. Two others are vegan because of ethical reasons and another is vegetarian.

One of the students does not eat pork for religious reasons.

“It’s in the Bible,” Marvyn Lefaivre said. 

Three people reported they are gluten-free with another noting they are pescetarian.

One of the students taking part said they are pollotarian, meaning the only meat they eat is chicken. 

“The protein is not worth it if I can get it from chicken,” Juan-Pablo Cerda said, explaining he stays away from beef and pork because of the unnecessary fats.

Fresh Ideas, the company that provides food in the school cafeteria, said they provide almond milk for those who are lactose intolerant. They also have a few vegetarian options throughout their meals and provide gluten-free bread upon request. 

“We are doing the following things: putting up signage indicators for certain dietary restrictions on our main stations,” Campus Chef Glynn Geyer said. “We are running a full salad bar and offering tofu as often as we can.”

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