Repertory dance will rock your world

By Temo Olvera / Managing Editor

Missouri Valley College’s repertory dance ensemble show, “Music of Legends Dance Concert,” this weekend is breathtaking. Anyone who’s a fan of music should see the show. The rep ensemble adds beautiful visual layers to each song with costumes, props, and movement. 

The concert features modern hit artists like Beyonce and the band Imagine Dragons, but also takes us back a few decades with bands like Metalica and the musician Meridith Monk. Of course, the King of Pop himself makes an appearance. An incredible mash-up of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits closes out the show. 

What impresses me most is the range and stamina the dancers possess. They move through high-energy songs like Daddy Yankee’s “Gasolina” to intense pieces like Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” and then maintain body control to move gracefully surrounded by Kaleo’s “All The Pretty Girls.” It’s like each new costume douses the dancers with strength and energy to perform incredible movements. 

The use of lighting and silhouettes is gorgeous. High contrast has a special place in my heart and to see it used on stage is incredible. Colored and moving lights, as well as the angles they are placed in, give each dancer a shadowy partner moving across them. Sometimes the dancers are engulfed in their own shadow, evoking feelings of wonder or fear in the context of the piece. 

The entire show is just under an hour and forty minutes. It includes a five-minute intermission. There are three shows this weekend: Thursday, Friday at 7:30, and Saturday at 9:30. Entry is free, and after Friday night’s show, visitors can ask the dancers direct questions. If you’re looking for a night of awesome music and incredible performances, the Eckilson-Mabee Theatre is the place to be. 

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