Art Department in Need of Nude Models

By Shu’Ron Thompson 

The Missouri Valley College art department is looking for potential models who aren’t afraid to show what they got. 

The department was looking for anyone who was interested in modeling clothed or even nude. Even the Marshall community can get in on this action!

Assistant Professor of Fine Arts Colleen Smith was really pushing to get models so that her students could have a better understanding of drawing the human body instead of doing a nonliving object.

“Any person as long as they’re over 21, and they’re comfortable,” Smith said, describing the qualifications to be a model. “We’re definitely interested in hiring people from the Marshall community as well. Right now, we only have students, and if they’re a student model, they’re still lightly clothed because of course, we’re a small campus.” 

It was very hard to come by models at first Smith explained. 

“It’s kind of an uncommon job that people really don’t think about too much” she said. “It’s kind of weird to think about getting paid to just stand there, either nude or lightly clothed, while a bunch of people around you are drawing. I think it’s an opportunity that doesn’t really cross a of people’s minds.”

People and students who did choose to model were paid $20 an hour for their time and were a part of at least six sessions or were used until the art pieces were finished. 

For more information about modeling, contact Smith at

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