Russell takes over Student Life

By Shu’Ron Thompson

It isn’t unusual for a new president to make staff changes and that certainly has been the case with Missouri Valley College’s President-elect Joe Parisi. Terry Russell, the new Vice President of Student Life, was one of many new hires brought in by Parisi, and has worked with and known Parisi for over 20 years at Lindenwood University.

Russell has been changing the life and culture of campuses for over 20 years. Although he’s only been at Valley for a short time, there have already been some changes in the works. For instance, the new Starbucks has already been added to the bistro, but that’s not all the changes to be made.

“There are a few that I’m going to make that’ll make our staff’s life a little easier and a little easier for our students,” he said. “For example, the keys that students typically receive when they come here that are issued out of this office, I’m going to move the keys to the resident coordinators’ residences and they’ll issue the keys from there.” 

Even though there are changes to be made, Russell enjoys how faculty and staff work very well together. 

“I love the fact that staff and faculty work very closely together and collaboratively to better the lives of students that are here, so I like that aspect of Missouri Valley,” he said.

Russell’s primary goal is to make it better and a little easier for staff and students during his time here at Missouri Valley College, whether it’s better coffee for their morning or giving more responsibilities to the young adults around campus. 

Russell is one of a handful of new hires on the Missouri Valley campus, including the hiring of Scott Queen as the executive director of marketing and communications and three regional admissions representatives. 

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