Missouri Valley Women’s basketball team’s season ends early due to injuries

By Collin Maclin/Staff Writer

The Missouri Valley Women’s Basketball Team ended their 2022-2023 basketball season early last week at MidAmerica University due to injuries from main role players on the team. The injuries played a significant part in the season, according to graduate assistant coaches Alexis Tappe and Callista Francis.

Despite a 12-10 record in the Heart of America Conference, the team was unable to advance further due to the impact of the injuries. Irene Madrid, a senior forward, expressed her disappointment in not being able to contribute more to the team’s success.

“Being a senior and this being my last year, I wish that I did more on the court so we could have gone further,” Madrid stated. “This conference is very good, and I just wish I could go another round with this team.”

The Missouri Valley Women’s Basketball Team will now focus on recovering from injuries and preparing for the upcoming season.

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