MVC expanding online programs

By Olivia Bettencourt/Staff Writer

A good education is crucial for a student’s future, especially a college education. A student must take all the classes necessary to earn a college degree.

However, some students experience obstacles that make taking or attending classes difficult. Many barriers can prevent a student from coming to class: jobs, families, being physically unable to get to campus, and scheduling conflicts. However, there is a solution to these issues: taking classes online. 

Online classes are taught year-round, including the summer and winter intersessions. Students can take courses online for more credits or to make them up. Taking an online class to earn credits helps many students every year. It also gives students a chance to learn on their own time.

“With classes online, they have the convenience and flexibility to complete courses anytime and anywhere,” said Dr. Joe Alsobrook, the Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Online Operations. 

Most classes offered online are the general core classes students need to graduate. However, other departments also offer some of their major requirements online.

“We would like to increase the number of programs we have online,” Alsobrook added. He also included how he and Dr. Joe Parisi are working on making online classes more accessible and easier to navigate. 

With the Covid-19 pandemic, online classes have become more popular. Some students have mixed feelings about learning through a computer screen since being forced to do so in 2020. However, today, the overall feedback about taking an online class is positive. 

“It is a different form of education,” said junior Natalie Garcia. “It was very flexible and I was able to study at my own pace.” She also states how she signed up for two more online classes for the summer. 

Some students enjoy taking certain classes as slowly or as fast as they want to. 

“It was more of a self-paced kind of thing,” adds sophomore Kelly Tagnolli. “I enjoyed [doing school on my own time].” 

Online education is a different form of learning, but it’s not so different from taking a class in person. Whatever form of learning the student decides to do, the goal is the same. The goal is to learn and get credits to graduate.

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