Valley hosts Easter egg hunt

By Olivia Bettencourt/Staff Writer

Missouri Valley College hosted an egg hunt on campus for the students last week to celebrate Easter. 

The egg hunt started last Monday, April 3. Students of MoVal went around campus last week in attempts to find the most colored eggs or one of the three golden eggs. Whichever student found the most colored eggs won an Easter basket. The prize for the three students who found a golden egg was a 100-dollar gift card. 

The egg hunt is a tradition for some students at Valley and their families back home. It was also a big part of growing up for some students. 

“I chose an Easter Egg Hunt because some students aren’t able to go home for every holiday,” said Director of Students Activities James Rowlett. “I believe that the Easter Egg Hunt is a way for them to remember their childhoods and have some fun. I think most students did it for the fun and joy of Easter.”

Fourteen students turned in many colored eggs. Junior Kyle Comins found the most colored eggs. He states most of the eggs he found were in “the main quad or the path next to the football field.” 

The golden eggs were a little harder to find. Comins, freshman Abigail Lee, and freshman Adell Rupert each found one of the golden eggs. 

Rupert didn’t know there was “a legit Easter egg hunt happening.” She states she just happened to find the golden egg: “I had a great experience and if it were to happen again I would actively participate.” 

Whether students actively participated or not, the students overall enjoyed the egg hunt and had some fun. Rowlett adds how the students that turned in colored eggs “had a smile on their face.”

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