BSU hosts movie night, receives positive response from students

By Collin Maclin/Staff Writer

On Sunday night, the Black Student Union hosted a Movie Night for all students on campus. This was the first movie night of the year, and the crowd turnout was good. The featured film was Creed III, starring Michael B. Jordan as the main character.

To gather opinions on the movie, some attendees were asked to rate it. The Vice President of Black Student Union, Shu’ron Thompson, expressed her satisfaction with the event. She said, “The movie had a pretty good crowd for the first movie all year. We look forward to having more events so that students can attend. I like the movie and thought it was good and fitted with the other 2 Creed movies. And about the movie, I rate it a 9.”

Emman David, who saw Creed III for the first time, said, “The movie was nice. It was my first time seeing it but I have seen the other 2 movies of Creed. This might be my favorite one of the series. I would like to watch it again. I rate the movie a 10.”

Creed III is a continuation of the Rocky movie series, which began in 1976 and lasted until 2006. The Creed series started in 2015 and has been a fan favorite ever since.

The Black Student Union plans to hold more events, and on Monday, April 24th, they will host a gaming night inside the bacon room of the Malcolm. Students can expect to have a great time and enjoy more events in the future.

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