Students, staff preparing for graduation

By Olivia Bettencourt/Staff Writer

As the school year comes closer to an end, the sooner graduation approaches. Seniors and staff members of Missouri Valley College are preparing for this special day. Every year, seniors have mixed feelings about graduation. These feelings include happiness, sadness, relief, excitement, and fear. 

“With my college education coming to a close, it’s all bittersweet for me as it came [and went] really fast,” said Katie May, a senior from Corona, California. “I’m sad this part of my life is going to be over.”

There are things that Missouri Valley has given the seniors that they will miss. Other things they will not miss at all. 

“The main thing I’m gonna miss the most is seeing all my friends every day, but definitely not the food,” said Faith Via, a senior from San Diego, California. 

The most common thing seniors are going to do after graduation is start in their career field or earn their master’s degree, whether that’s at Valley or another college. Via will be starting her career in criminal justice and May will be working on her master’s degree to become a therapist.

Senior from Washburn, Missouri Maggie Robbins states how while she’s earning her master’s in business administration while working as a grad assistant at Valley: “I am very excited about [grad school].”

Registrar and Faculty Athletic Representative Marsha Lashley has been in charge of running graduation for twenty-five years. She’s excited to see what the future holds for all the MoVal seniors.

“Don’t be afraid to take risks and keep in touch with your classmates,” Lashley said. “Even though there are oceans between [your classmates], you will always know them.” 

Lashley also has advice for soon-to-be-seniors: “Get your paperwork done and watch what you post on your social media.”

The graduation speaker this year will be professional wrestler and Missouri Valley College alum Bobby Lashley. The commencement ceremony will take place Saturday, May 6 at 2 p.m.

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