Apple vs. Samsung: a battle of the smartphones

Tanner Fleming / Special to the Delta

Throughout the past decade an ongoing argument has occurred over which smartphone company is the superior company. Is it Apple with the highly popular iPhone? Or is it the Samsung with the very successful Galaxy? Each brand is more popular in different locations.

In the United States, Apple beat Samsung in market share, but In the global market share Samsung actually beat Apple. Each smartphone has its pros and cons.

The Apple iPhone is very popular across the globe. Many people highly appreciate the simplicity and reliability of the phone. Some pros of the iPhone according to Tech Advisor are that the iPhone has hardware and software that are both controlled by Apple.

Apple also has a very basic design which is very simple and easy to use. The Apple support is all around great.

When speaking to Missouri Valley College baseball player Drake Nilges he said he liked Apple’s messaging features.

“My favorite part about my iPhone is the iMessage aspect,” he said. “All I need is WiFi in order for a message to be sent or received.“

He also said he enjoys using Facetime whereas on an Android you do not have the Facetime option for video chatting.

Missouri Valley College women’s lacrosse player Paige Reiter said: “I love the picture quality of the iPhones, the Samsungs have never been able to compare.”

Apple also has its cons. A common downside for many iPhone users is that they do not seem very durable.

If you do not plan on putting a case on it you are destined for failure. The glass on these smartphones is known to be brittle. In the more recent years of the iPhone, Apple decided that there is no longer going to be an auxiliary port in the phone, this has frustrated many devoted apple customers.

“I do not like that both sides of my iPhone are both glass, so If I drop my phone I run the risk of shattering my entire phone,” Reiter said.

The Samsung Galaxy has had great success worldwide and in the United States.­ Some pros of the Samsung are that they are a very durable phone; they are not quite as brittle as the Apple iPhone. The Samsung phones are known to last longer. Samsung gives you more customizable options as well.

Missouri Valley lacrosse player Cooper Bryant is a dedicated Samsung user.

“The Samsung is more customizable and has better security,” he said. “They are also like half of the price.”

Just like The Apple iPhone Samsung also has its cons. The Samsungs tend to have more malware in applications which can slow the phone down over time causing bugs. Many people also do not like how the primary way to video chat is through Skype whereas Apple has the Facetime feature.

“The camera and display quality are not on the same level as the iPhone,” Bryant said.

When It comes to market share in different locations Apple and Samsung battle every year. In The United States Apple won the market share battle by 12 percent. Apple had 45 percent of the United States market share, Samsung held 33 percent, and other smartphone companies held the final 22 percent.

Samsung pulled off the victory in worldwide market share battle by holding 19.3 percent of the world’s smartphone users. Apple held 11.9 percent and the rest of the other companies held the remaining 68.8 percent.

At Missouri Valley College a random sample of 85 people was taken. Apple was the most common smartphone on campus.

The iPhone was in the hands of 68.2 percent of the students. 28.2 percent of students had Samsungs and the remaining 3.5 percent had different smartphone brands.

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