Many factors contribute to tuition increases

By Kirari Furumoto / Special to the Delta

The cost of attendance for college is one of the biggest concerns for all students. One statistics show that the average annual tuition in Missouri for the 2017-2018 year is $516 higher than 2015-2016 average, which is 3.83 percent of the annual increase.

Missouri Valley College is also one of the schools in which the total cost has been increasing year by year. In this past 5 years, the cost of attendance increased $1,250. In the 2014-2015 year, the attendance cost was $19,350, while the cost of the 2018-2019 year is $20,600. This is a 6 percent increase to compare with five years ago. As the graph indicates, the cost of attendance of Missouri Valley keeps increasing.

Milisha Butler, a junior student at Valley said, “I think the attending cost here is high right now.” She thinks that the fee that she is paying right now is not worth spending because she is not sure where that money goes and cannot tell exactly how they are used. She feels that she does not receive enough rewards to the money that she pays. She also said, “I’m actually paying more than I thought I would have to pay.”

Hilda Garcia, who came to Valley in fall 2014 said, “the total cost is definitely increasing to compare with the year when I first came here.” She also thinks that the attending cost here at Missouri Valley is too expensive.

“I live off campus because it is cheaper than living in dorms,” Garcia said.

Maddy Deigan from Australia, who has been in Missouri Valley for three and half years said, “I think the total cost should decrease based on the fact that most of us live in dorms that are falling apart and since it’s a smaller school we have fewer resources.”

She also pointed out the meal plan. Since she is a vegan, foods that she can eat at the cafeteria is very limited. Sometimes, she has nothing to eat at the cafe because all of the menus include a meat or dairy product.

“I think that the meal plan is way too expensive and the school should have the option not to include a meal plan even though we are living on campus, for someone like me,” said Deigan.

Sakina Komuro, from Japan, came here as a freshman in fall 2018 and wanted to work at the dining hall because she wanted to make money to cover her tuition.

“The cost of attendance here is expensive for me, so I decided to work at the dining hall,” she said.

However, she found that it is hard for international students to make money, to compare with the students from the States.

“We are only allowed to work on campus because of the Visa, but it is very competitive to get a job since everyone wants to work on campus,” Komuro said.

There are several offices on campus which hire the students, but most of them are only for students from the States, so technically, international students have an only option to work, which is a dining hall.

“I want the school to give us more options for places to work, that way I can make money to cover my attendance cost,” she said.

Greg Silvey, Vice President of business and finance at Missouri Valley College said there are factors beyond the control of the college that lead to increases. The reason why the total cost keeps increasing is that all of the costs, such as utility bills, insurance have been increasing.

“We would like it not to increase, that’s our goal, just keep it as small as we can,” Silvey said. “We don’t know if it keeps increasing or not, but again, our goal is to keep it small as much as possible.”

Paul Gordon, director of financial aid at Missouri Valley College also said, “We are not­ sure about the cost for the future, but we try not to increase it any more.”

We all care about money, and we are happier if we pay less, especially students. The people who control the financial things are working hard to make the cost of attendance here at Missouri Valley as small as possible. If they can keep it small, the number of students who drop out of school for financial reason would probably decrease.

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