Vikings welcome new receiver coach to football program

By LaVonte’ Perdue / Delta Staff Writer

The Missouri Valley College football team has added several new coaches to the program this season, and one of the biggest additions was the new receiver’s coach, Kyle Guinyard.  

Guinyard is a Dallas, Texas native who also played receiver at Division 1 school Southern Methodist University in Texas. 

Some of the main things that Guinyard wants his receivers to be big on is being physical while they’re on the field whether it’s them going out for a pass or being involved in the run game.  

“Being competitive is our strength as a corps,” Guinyard said. 

Since being the new receiver’s coach, new routes have been thrown into the playbook. The receivers are known for short routes, but have the ability to go long if needed. 

Guinyard is also holding receivers accountable for their actions after practice. For every play that a receiver takes off they all will have to do up downs.

Senior Ramiah Marshall, who plays slot receiver for the Vikings, transferred to Missouri Valley in the fall of 2018 and has made an impact ever since with his passive style of play.  

In order to have a successful season, Marshall believes being consistent in practice is the key.  Marshall said he looks at having a new coach as new pieces for the offense.

Viking’s leading receiver Wayne Grant,a redshirt sophomore who plays a little bit of both slot and wideout receiver, came to Missouri Valley to play quarterback, but it wasn’t long until he switched over to receiver.  

“I don’t believe there’s a transition, because playing quarterback you have to know the field and by switching positions I feel it’s less decision making,” Grant said.

Grant said he feels that Guinyard has brought the corps together as a unit.

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