Students respond to new Joker film

Chardonnae Parker / Delta Staff Writer

The Missouri Valley College Student Affairs Office hosted a movie night at the local Marshall Cinema. As students lined up around the theater to watch “The Joker,” many students went for entertainment purposes but left the theater with a new perspective.

In Warner Bros.’ latest adaptation of the DC villain, the Joker is no longer the cartoon villain going up against the hero Batman. Instead, Joker is a mentally ill man going through true problems and battling real world issues. For many students this view of mental health was very enlightening.

After the movie, some students reacted as if the film was a self-awareness film. The film constantly touched on the mental stability or mental instability of The Joker, as played Joaquin Phoenix.

“The movie made you look at yourself and others around you differently,” said Missouri Valley student Heaven Davis. “You can be around people constantly but never know or understand what they are battling mentally. The movie put a lot of things into perspective as mental health goes. The movie was successful in that manner.”

For others the movie was successful in telling the story of the Joker.

“The director did an amazing job with casting,” said Valley student Nonea Morrison “To start the movie, I could truly see the lostness in actor Joaquin Phoenix eyes. This movie answered a lot of questions for DC fans and even people who are not fans but have an interest in just the Batman series. We should see more films like this in the future.”  

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