Campus crime report shows Valley is a safe place to study

By Erika Moreno / Delta Staff Writer

All colleges across the country are required by law to release a comprehensive report of the crimes that occur on their campuses. Missouri Valley College released its report this month and the statistics show that MoVal is a safe place.

While the number crimes committed on this campus vary every year, many have stayed the same from previous years and others actually went down.

One are that saw an increase was the on-campus liquor law violation, which went up from 2017 to 2018 by 19 more incidents. The 37 incidents reported in 2018 was also higher than the 25 reported in 2016. 

The drug abuse situation has taken a rollercoaster over the past years. In 2017, the number of on-campus drug abuse reports from 15 in 2016 to 26. However that total dropped to 17 in 2018.

Surprisingly, their hasn’t been  a lot of stalking for domestic violence incidents around campus. In 2016 and 2017 there was no incidents on either of those two crimes. However in 2018 their was one incident of stalking and another of domestic violence. 

Hate crimes are also a thing for the most part hasn’t been reported often on campus. In 2017 there was a hate crime on campus, with the situation reported as a larceny theft that was made because of racial bias. In 2018 their was another situation where there was aggravated assault made because of racial bias. 

No fire reports were reported from the years of 2016 to 2018.

The relative safety of the campus is reflected in the attitudes of many in the student body.

“I’ve never felt in danger on campus,” student Addie Mejía said.

Another student, Miyu Shito agreed, but with a caveat.

“I feel safe at daytime but not at night, especially when we are coming back from parties,” she said.

However, Shito also said that she doesn’t know if she would like to contact the public safety for an escort because she doesn’t want to be in situations where she may be in trouble.

Nick Boehmer is the head of security here at Missouri Valley College. The security guards are in charge of keeping the peace around campus 24 hours a day. Boehmer is in charge during school hours. In total there are eight security guards in charge of this campus.

A lot of people who report crimes on campus usually refer to Heath Morgan or Boehmer. The students are required to complete an online course of Title XI training which is where you learn about sexual harassment, date rape, or anything related to consensual sex and what no means no. Throughout the day people the security guards have walk-throughs that they do anytime of the day according to Boehmer.

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