Cafeteria varies menu to keep meal options fresh

By Lavonte’ Perdue / Delta Staff Writer

In an effort to provide a pleasing dining experience, Missouri Valley College’s cafeteria has been known to switch the menu up at times. 

The cafe does a four-week cycle and it’s something new every week. In addition, the breakfast specials change everyday which is a plus for the students who get a different variety of food every morning.

A change in the menu is what a lot of MoVal students look forward to, because many of them feel that having the same thing over and over again becomes tedious at a certain point. 

“Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not,” MVC student Shay Wilson said. “It’s just inconsistent and there is a lack of options.”

Sara Todorovic, the assistant director of food services, the main purpose of her job is to serve a quality product. She said she wants students to feel like they are eating at home even when they are not there.

To be updated on the changes of food in the cafe, students and faculty can access the menu by using the FreshX app or visiting

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